. 0 0 7  F A R N S W O R T H  H O U S E

What started as a plan for a weekend retreat for one Dr. Farnsworth, went through two owners, several floods, and a potential buy out, survived through the appreciation of others. Historic preservations made sure the ‘Miesian Gem’ stayed exactly where the architect and site dictated it sit.
Situated within a flood plain and elevated above the ground; inhabitants float within the landscape. Mies's attention to detail and ability to make materials seem to come together effortlessly. 
. 0 0 6   O N E   I L L I N O I S   C E N T E R

The One Illinois Center Plaza & Master Plan sits on what once was Fort Dearborn (symbolizing the first of the 4 stars on the Illinois state flag). The land later became a prominent freight yard and integral international trading hub for greater Chicago. The industrialized city would continue to grow, and a need for infrastructure arose. The Illinois Central Railroad Company sold the land and air rights to developers. Mies’s got his tabula rasa in the form of a 15-acre parcel where the One Illinois Center (111 East Wacker Dr.) would eventually stand.
. 0 0 5   S . R .   C R O W N  H A L l

The S.R. Crown Hall on the IIT Campus, revered and studied by architects, designers, and historians alike. The ”complexity through simplicity” is what captures most architecture aficionado’s attention at the first pass of a Mies project, and the Crown Hall is no different. This literal “collaboration chamber” is the site of the IIT College of Architecture. 
. 0 0 4   N . Y .   S T A T E  O F   M I N D

The High-line by Diller Scofidio + Renfro is a reclaimed elevated rail-road track that redefines a park; the experience of walking the bustling New York streets; and becomes a character in the landscape that is,the concrete jungle. Reclamation of an abandoned wing of the New York city rails system sounds like a major feat, and it was... What was once a speeding train ride through brick, concrete and steels towers; became, a melodic meandering path along 500+ species of vegetation and almost a mile and a half of elevated parkscape.
. 0 0 3   T H E  D A L I

A series of images featuring the works of Salvador Dali, and his interpretation of topics such as surrealism; Anti-Art; iron and bronze statuette works. Dali’s work covers these important topics in history with many visceral takes and perspectives on each topic, which can be experienced through the collection at The Dali Museum in Tampa Florida. Founded by Reynolds & Eleanor Morse; two experts on Dali’s works and life, they have helped is legacy live on with the magnificent collection they have amassed; as well as, attributing publications of their own on Dali’s art and translating his writing from French to English, we are forever grateful to the Morse family.
. 0 0 2   B O R N  O N  T H E  B A Y O u

A series of images featuring the city of New Orleans, LA. Creole culture comes alive on these streets. You become immersed in the NOLA way of life as soon as you touch down, from Po’boys to Beignets, bourbon on Bourbon, the music and dope vibes the city’s soul is captured in a few of these staples of the community.

“I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is” -Alan Watts .
. 0 0 1   A N O T H E R  B R I C K  I N  T H E  W A L L

"The images reflect conceptual stills of the      re-imagining of a library; one that acts as a beacon of change for the city of Savannah."
The city of Savannah, GA. And its rich historic presence & architecture. The photos tell stories of the savannah of late. The images reflect conceptual stills of the reimagining of a library; one that acts as a beacon of change for the city of Savannah. “A Library that would act more as a community center bridging the socio-economic gap between the North & South ends of Forsyth Park; the community can learn; thrive, and create here. With outlets an amenities from something as common as free internet access to afterschool programs for K-12 students, geared towards a STEM & Creative Arts education program. While adults could take the new-age training course, allowing them to start a small business or explore the tech of the future form AI or coding via an Augmented Reality Auditorium; to, fabrication and robotics laboratories flanking the perimeter of the park, the community can become the nation next tech capital…” -Nomadic Design Concepts
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