The Essence of Spoken Word with The Passion Of Battle Rappin’
Creative | Poet | Kicks Connoisseur  
By Chris Crocitto  Founder & Editor in Chief  
"A glimpse into the process of a humble wordsmith set out to warp a genre of music into the subtle art of poetry"
While combing through Moving Forward the common themes from The Essence of My Passion arise, but are turned on their head. Polar opposites of the initial emotions of doubt, fears, anguish, sadness, love, compassion, apprehension from the first publication are met with gusto, encouraging, and powerful uplifting pieces. Unexplained and Poetry in Everything, show us just that with a character being confronted by the poetic-hero with words to cancel out their doubt and reassurance that they were meant for much more than down and out.  
“…I told you flowers bloom for a purpose, not to be a figure of beauty but to appreciate each step taken, to go far in life.” -Fred Gordon
“The odds are not going to be in our favor ill except that, but I’m choosing to defy those odds and rewrite my own mythology.” -Fred Gordon

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